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Article from Tick Born Disease Alliance Regarding Lyme Symptoms

Posted Oct. 30, 2012.  Here is a good article to share with your doctor about Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease.  Specifically it talks about how many people with Lyme never had a rash or remember having a tick bite or … Continue reading

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Are You Addressing the Biofilm? and Lyme Symptoms

Posted October 29, 2012.  Is your LLMD addressing the biofilm issue?  I would not have recovered from Lyme and multiple co-infections if the biofilm hadn’t been dealt with.  Dr. Eva Sapi, UNH associate professor of biology and environmental science has … Continue reading

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Lyme Symptoms: Lincoln’s Failures

Posted October 28, 2012 Something that gave me strength when I was fighting Lyme. Persistence is Stronger than Failure by The Wisdom of John Wooden Abraham Lincoln is acknowledged as one of America’s greatest presidents. Here is a brief summary … Continue reading

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Caffeine and Lyme Symptoms

Posted Oct. 23, 2012.  In the news today.  Monster drink company is being sued after 14 year old girl has heart attack and dies after drinking two Monster drinks.  Monster drinks have 7 times the amount of caffeine as a … Continue reading

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Lyme Symptoms: IGeneX Lab

Posted Oct. 21, 2012 Information about IGeneX Lab.  I tested negative for Lyme, several times until I tested with IGeneX.  This is such an excellent lab.  They are very knowledgeable and helpful.  If you have’t tested with IGeneX and you … Continue reading

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