Avocado Helps the Garlic Go Down and Lyme Disease

Posted October 9, 2013.  Recipe for recovery!  I used to do this every day when I had Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease.  I just did it today to fight off a little cold.  Raw garlic is such an amazing health promoting power house.  When I was sick with Lyme disease I used to juice 7 cloves every morning (I put it in with carrots, celery, etc) and then I would eat about 5-10 more RAW cloves during the day.  I just ate 10 raw garlic cloves and here’s the secret to getting them down:  Take one avocado and smash the insides, almost as if you were making guacamole.  Then mince 10 or so cloves of garlic and smash them up with the avocado.  Have a glass of water nearby, because it’s pretty strong.  Also, I have hummus nearby too and I’ll dip organic red bell peppers in the hummus between avocado/garlic bites.  Yeah you smell like garlic later, but if your friends are truly your friends they’ll just be happy you’re doing something good for your health and won’t mind the smell.  (Moral of that story…. hang with good people 🙂

Raw garlic!  Add it to your 100% recovery regime!!

Avocados Garlic and Lyme

Avocados Garlic and Lyme

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