Books I Recommend

Audible is SO great. Wish I would have had this when I had Lyme. I listen to books when I do the dishes, do laundry, or always when driving. Could be really good if you’re still sick and can only listen to books. They have a free trial!


This book will inspire you to exercise!!






I just recently read this book.  Excellent philosophy, very important for Lyme patients.

This book is a must read for Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms.  I took a lot of Zhang’s herbs.



This is a great book.  I recently read it when I was working in Spain.  We really do need to move!  Our physical health and mental health depend on it. Even if you are in the early stages of recovery or still dealing with awful lyme symptoms, this book is interesting.  Even if all you can do is 5 leg lifts on each side once a day, celebrate that!  Any exercise is good.

This book was really helpful in figuring out strategies to deal with all of my co-infections. Informative interviews with the leading Lyme doctors.

Another more recent great book by Connie Strasheim.  A must read for information about Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms.




I read this book on the plane over to Paris when I ran the marathon. It was recently published and VERY encouraging. Many chronic, difficult Lyme cases which were resolved. I highly recommend it!