Camille’s Book

I am working on a book, my story of recovery, everything I did to recover 100% from Lyme disease and all the Lyme symptoms I had.

It was so important for me to hear stories of recovery when I lay on the couch day after day after day.  I hope I will inspire another Lyme sufferer that 100% Recovery is really possible.  It takes some work, but good health and recovery is well worth it!  BeRelentless!

Coming soon……

No More Lyme Symptoms!  Running Strong

Every Wednesday night during the summer I run in Santa Barbara. No More Lyme symptoms!



I’ve been off antibiotics and all herbals for almost 3 years now.  I was careful not to go public with my story until I really had a lot of solid recovery time under my belt.  They say you can relapse in the first year.  I wanted to make sure I was well past that first year. Before I stopped antibiotics, my LLMD had me do many “challenges” to make sure I was really done.  When I did the “challenge” my body was silent, i.e. there was no herxheimer reaction which would indicate an on-going infection.  I had to have a root canal (another topic for a later time, root canals are probably not a good idea). Before having the procedure, out of an abundance of caution (and curiousity), I went on all the antibiotics I was on during Lyme treatment.  If there were an ongoing infection, that should have triggered some reaction.  Again, my body was silent.  No problems taking the antibiotics.  Especially after having been off all meds for 3 years, there should have been a reaction.  One could not argue that the pathogens were simply in a dormant form.  With a three year hiatus, the bugs would surely react mightily to an onslaught of antibiotics.  Instead, silence.


I have absolutely no fatigue.  I bounce out of bed each morning (sounds corny, but it illustrates the point).  I work full time and exercise regularly with no trouble.  In fact, I am one of the strongest in my running group and the only one who doesn’t get sore after marathons, half marathons, 5K’s etc.  After the Paris marathon (26.2 miles) I went out with friends to the Buddha Bar (dance place).  I travel internationally, work long hours and otherwise have a very full and active life.  I am about to head out to Haiti, working on a medical clinic there. My other athletic activities include horseback riding (western! cattle wrangling, etc.) and for the past 3 summers I’ve spent long days paddle boarding, sailing, hiking, surfing, wake boarding, and ocean kayaking.  Over these winter holidays I’m headed to Colorado to cut up the mountain on skiis.  We wake up early to catch the first run.  Altitude doesn’t bother me.  (Altitude used to put me in a tail spin. I would absolutely fall apart.)   A couple times a month I bike about 16 miles to the Pacific Ocean.  I couldn’t do all this if I still had Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia.  (Update June 2013-LLMD put me through another “test”. Passed with Flying Colors!)  No ups and downs, never a bad day.  It is possible to recover 100% from Lyme and co-infections.  It is not a life sentence.  If you are treated properly, if the biofilm and the cyst forms are addressed, and your treatment is aggressive, thorough and not terminated prematurely, it is possible to recover 100%.  

Paris marathon lyme symptoms

Running Paris marathon!  No more lyme or lyme symptoms!