Fantasy Football and Lyme Symptoms

Posted December 22, 2012.  Tomorrow the Seattle Seahawks play the 49’ers.  What does that have to do with Lyme or Lyme symptoms? And I know what you guys are saying:  What does Fantasy Football have to do with Lyme symptoms??  Football is the  great metaphor for life.

Many Fantasy Football owners of Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) have made it this far with him, in what is widely known as Fantasy Super Bowl week in many leagues, and they should not be frightened by what they see on paper. Fantasy superstars put up quality numbers against all types of opposition, and deliver when you need it most. And Lynch is unquestionably a Fantasy superstar.

Lynch’s owners should know that when the 49ers show up, Lynch does not back down at all. Savvy Fantasy players will note that Lynch was the first player to score a rushing touchdown against San Francisco last season. He rushed for 103 yards on 19 carries in the first meeting between the teams this season as well.

Let your body know that when the Lyme shows up, you do not back down at all.  Lyme disease is like a mental game of football.  Stay relentless.  Rush the “field” and stay determined. 100% Recovery!

A famous LLMD once told me:  “I can tell within 5 minutes if the patient is going to recover from Lyme disease and all Lyme symptoms.”

marshawn lynch lyme symptoms

He’s not backing down!

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