Far Infrared Sauna and Lyme Disease

Posted September 17, 2013.  This Thursday, September 19 is a full moon.  (If you are reading this another time, everything I’m saying still applies to a full moon ahead. See article about Full Moons http://lymesymptoms.com/full-moon-and-lyme-disease/ to understand some of the thinking behind parasite and bacterial activity during full moons.)  Here is something you can consider adding to your treatment now, to take advantage of the increased pathogen activity during the full moon.

I used the Far Infrared Sauna when I was sick with Lyme disease and the co-infections Bartonella and Babesia.  I would set it to 140° and stay in the sauna for 20 minutes.  I did this three times a week.  In the beginning I could only handle about 3 minutes.  It takes awhile to work up to 20 minutes.  The Far Infrared Sauna penetrates the tissues more deeply than a regular sauna and is said to make antibiotics or herbals more effective.  There is about a 2 inch penetration of heat under the skin.  This is not true with a regular sauna.

Far Infrared Sauna and Lyme Disease

Far Infrared Sauna and Lyme Disease

The Far Infrared Sauna is a powerful detoxifier and immune system stimulant.

Often times spas will have far infrared saunas and you may be able to buy a package of visits from them.  It is well worth the cost!  I believe the sauna helped tremendously in my fight and ultimate victory over Lyme disease and co-infections.  The cost could be on the high side, but again, if it were me, and it was me, I would prioritize using the far infrared sauna over other expenditures.

Now, right before and during the full moon would be a good time to add in the far infrared sauna.  Get the pathogens now as they are coming out of their dormant phases.  Of course consult with your LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) before adding anything to your protocol.  If you do not have an LLMD, make that your #1 priority.  Do not fool around with doctors who do not know about Lyme disease.

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