Free Test for Lyme Disease and Lyme Symptoms?

Posted January 16, 2013.  Ask your LLMD about a free test for Lyme disease from Advanced Labs.  Most Lyme disease tests are very expensive and don’t look for the spirochete itself, but instead look only for the antibodies to Lyme.  Advanced Labs is working on a second generation test and is offering the test free to Lyme patients who are not currently on antibiotics or herbals.  Ask your doctor to contact Advanced Labs for a kit.  (Unfortunately due to state regulations, this test is not available to practionners in New York.)

Advanced Labs Lyme symptoms

Advanced Labs Lyme Test


Do everything you can to combat Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms!  This could prove a very useful test.  And how great, it’s free.  Check the Advanced Lab website for more information.  To your good health and 100% Recovery!!

Here is the link for more information:

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