Friends and Lyme Disease

Posted January 29, 2013.  When I was bedridden with Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease my friend Andy came to visit me frequently.  Here we are at a costume party, a couple of nights ago.  Many years away from the days of my sickness.  She would bring me green juice in those dark days, and she was the one who got me going on garlic in the juice (with celery, carrot, lemon and parsley… WEW!!! that’ll kill anything!!)  She would just sit patiently and listen to me day after day.

Friends Lyme Disease and Lyme Symptoms

Friends….Lyme Disease and Lyme Symptoms

On Sundays a doctor who lived in the neighborhood used to come and visit me.  Every Sunday he would come faithfully and sit at the end of the couch and ask, “How’s that Lyme disease going?” Sunday after Sunday he would come.  It was like I was an old lady, in an old folks home…..I would tell him about all the new medications I was taking and he would marvel.  “You’re really taking all that?”

So many people so good to me.  Little things they did which I will remember forever.  Their faithfulness has forever changed me.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Occasionally there was a bad egg, someone who did something rather mean, ironic as it sounds.  How can someone be mean to a sick person lying in bed all day?  Those of you with Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms know what I’m talking about, it’s life, it happens.  I remember one particular mean event.  I was crushed, but I was determined as a result of that mean act, to turn around and do something good for someone else.  How could I do that, I was sick, lying on the couch?  But then an e-mail from a group came, someone’s elderly mother who was house bound wanted puzzles to keep herself occupied… I, a complete stranger, the Lyme person, lying on the couch…  I could order a puzzle from amazon and send it to the elderly mother…

She later sent me a card of appreciation that made me weep.

Oh these days of sickness are hard I know.  But cherish your friends, in whatever small thing they do.  Forgive them if for whatever reason they can’t do more for you.  And if you don’t have any friends, or have some bad eggs in your life, be determined and let it motivate you to turn around and do something nice for someone else.

Mrs. Thackston, I have another puzzle for you…and I’ll always keep the card you gave me….




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