Full Moon and Lyme Disease

Updated September 16, 2013   Jump on it now.  Full moon guys, time to get those Lyme disease bacteria and any other co-infections and/or parasites you might have.  There are credible arguments which suggest that they come out of hiding to reproduce during a  full moon (and possibly during a new moon as well).

Jump on it.  Starting this Thursday September 19, we will be having a full moon.  Talk to your LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) about upping your meds temporarily to nail as many of them as you can.

Additionally talk to your doctor about crushing and eating as much raw garlic as you can.  Take with food and chase with water.  Raw garlic is a powerhouse.  It will knock out a lot of stuff.  Anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial.  And cheap.

Step up the green juice during the full moon too.  Deliver phytonutrients straight into your blood stream and cells.  Organic fresh green juice on an empty stomach. Bam!

I know this will make you feel awful, but if you want to be rid of this crap (forgive the emphasis), you have to fight HARD.  Take advantage of this moon.

Fight.  That means: eat correctly now, as much fresh green juice as you can, raw garlic and blast the meds.  Once you’ve done all that, lie on your couch and rest so your white blood cells can take up all that good energy and pound away at the crap that’s inside of you.

Fight.  Get in the ring now while you have a good chance.  Fight while the moon is on your side. Yes, I know it’s going to be tough, but Fight!

Full moon and Lyme Disease

Fight While the Moon is Right!

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