Green Shoots and Lyme Symptoms

Posted July 6, 2013.  I went for a 16 mile bike ride recently, inland and then all the way to the pacific ocean at Malibu.   My friends and I had a good mile long swim in the cool pacific waters, then we jumped back on our bikes to head back up the steep canyon.   The canyon leading to Malibu used to be plush with green, a stream and birds and all kind of critters about.  Now it is all burned out.  We had terrible fires here in Southern California a couple of months ago.  It was like riding on Mars, the terrain was so barren.  But every once in awhile, I would find little green shoots, like these, growing somewhere amidst the ashes.  Reminded me of my scorched earth body during Lyme disease.  I was a complete wreck, just like the burned out canyon. I couldn’t walk.  I was so thin and in constant pain.  But then little green shoots started growing.  I finally started to be able to move, the pain started to lessen.  I could sit up to eat breakfast!  After the first rain in California, the canyon will prosper again; health and vitality will return to it.  The ashes will absorb into the earth and provide fertile soil.  Next spring the canyon will be more beautiful than ever.  Remember that in your journey with Lyme disease.  Your body may all burned up now, you are just a corpse lying on the couch day after day, but look for the little green shoots and encourage them.   You can recover 100% from Lyme disease.  Be diligent in your treatment, be patient, tend to the green shoots, the markers of health, that are trying to push through in your body.  Spring will come, the ashes will be gone.

Recovery Lyme Disease

New Life Growing Out of the Ashes


(By the way, the green stuff may be freaking you out…. but it’s the figurative idea of health and new growth and vitality.  Notice I am not touching the green shoots….Also, when canyons burn, the ticks burn too!)

Take care of you and stay committed to your 100% Recovery!!!

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