Hills, People Around You and Lyme Symptoms

Posted January 25, 2013.  Surround yourself with good, positive people.  When I was sick with Lyme and Lyme symptoms, someone used to call me and say, “You know, people have died from Lyme disease.”  It was so bad it was almost funny.  What is that going to do for me, the sick Lyme person, lying in agony on the couch day after day?  Needless to say, I politely stopped taking her calls.

Think about who is around you, what you’re reading, what you’re thinking.  A positive influence will help get you to 100% Recovery.  Here is a great article from Runner’s World magazine:

Lyme symptoms positive people

Positive People!

….”I was reminded of an old framed sketch that sat on the bookshelf in his office when I first met him.  Someone must have sent it to him after his cancer diagnosis, it said, “God, I thank you for hills and strength for climbing.”…..

…..”Pay attention this week to the people you choose to surround you.  Look at your pack.  Do they call you to higher levels of integrity?  Do they challenge you?  Do they breathe strength into your weakness? Do they forgive you when you blow it and then keep you accountable going forward?  Do they call you out of your shame and hiding and drag you back into the light where you belong? Do they remind you who you are, when you forget or get lost?  Do they lean against you when you are leaning into something tough?  Do they know your limits and help you get more comfortable in patches of discomfort?  Do they remind you to breathe when you don’t even realize you are holding your breath?  Do they speak truth when no one else dares?  Do they whisper “yes, you can” when they somehow know the “I can’t” tape is playing in your head?  Do they remind you often enough in your journey to celebrate just how far you have already come?”…..



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