Hollywood Stars, Don’t Quit Too Soon and Lyme Disease

Posted March 23, 2013.  OK so Hollywood and Beverly Hills types can get Lyme disease and suffer with Lyme symptoms too.  We know that.  But here’s what this article about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster illustrates.  Don’t quit your medications too soon!  Whether you have elected to go the herbal route for your Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease or you are taking antibiotics for your Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease (or a combination, as I did) just make sure you don’t stop too soon.  Critical, critical, critical!!  If you are feeling better, and feel like your Lyme symptoms are gone and you are sick and tired of taking so many pills…. wait 2-3 months before stopping!  I know this sounds crazy, but Lyme disease is crazy.  (Especially if you have had Lyme disease or Lyme symptoms for a long time.) The borrelia and other possible co-infections you might have can lay dormant and trick you.  You think you’re well, you stop the Lyme disease medication, then months or years or weeks later, BAM it’s back.  Take a lesson from the Beverly Hills Housewife, make sure you’re really done.  Don’t be a chronic Lyme disease case!

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” starYolanda Foster knew something was wrong with her when she watched this third season of the show. While Yolanda was watching, she picked up on some small things, like the way she was talking to Kim Richards while attending Kyle’s clothing store opening party. And it sounds like the reunion special was no different for Yolanda, as she is still dealing with the illness. And it appears that Brandi picked up on this while filming the special, where the women got together to talk about the season’s events. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report released on March 22, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster was still having memory problems at the reunion thanks to her lyme disease.

“Her brain still wasn’t functioning when she shot the reunion,” Brandi revealed during a recent interview when she was asked about the reunion special. “She couldn’t remember what she had just said, and she couldn’t remember a lot of things.” Obviously, Yolanda shared her opinion several times throughout the season, which made her a target for criticism on the reunion. But Brandi didn’t think it was fair; she willingly protected Yolanda throughout the reunion. “They were going at her,” Brandi said, “And I just stepped in and I was, like, ‘Hold up! … Leave her alone,’ and it got a little ugly.”

Are you surprised that Yolanda is still battling her lyme disease? And do you think it is shocking that it affected her so much during the reunion?

Beverly Hills Lyme disease Lyme symptoms

Beverly Hills Lyme disease Lyme symptoms


If you’re reading this Yolanda, all the folks with Lyme disease wish you well and happiness and good health!  And sorry you’ve been going through this!!

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