I Don’t Buy It and Lyme Disease

Posted June 21, 2014.  Someone sent me a well written heart felt e-mail today about recovery.  She said her Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) told her she would never really recover 100% and that she would always have lingering autoimmune issues.  She said she felt really hopeless after talking to him.

I don’t know why doctors do this.  I had many doctors tell me the same thing (except one… more on him later).  In fact, just the other day, I was helping out at a hospital and someone introduced me to an alternative doctor there and that doctor said, “Oh, your Lyme disease is dormant.”

Maybe these doctors haven’t seen a lot of real recovery, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Remember, the people who have recovered from Lyme disease are not in the doctors’ offices, they are out there living life.  It has been over 4 years since I have set foot in a doctor’s office.  My doctors know I have recovered, but that’s only because I’ve told them and kept in contact with them.  But that is more unusual.  Again, most recovered Lyme patients are out in the world, living!

So please don’t be discouraged by anything you may hear. Many people will tell you that you cannot recover 100% from Lyme disease.   A very famous LLMD once told me that I would never fully recover from Lyme disease, 4 years ago at the ILADS conference.  I simply laughed and said to him, “I Don’t Buy It.”

A lot of these doctors are overweight, unhealthy, over stressed by their medical practices and barely able to pay for the lights in their offices (for which I have great sympathy).  They are smart men and women but they are not living the life I want to live and am living.  In a second I would trade my life of having suffered with Lyme disease and Bartonella, Babesia and parasites for their “normal” lives.  My days are filled with physically fun and challenging activities; running, horseback riding (the latest ride was cattle penning… yes we do that cowboy stuff here in CA too!), very intense martial arts, 18 mile bike rides to the pacific ocean through rough trails, I just got back from 5 days of climbing in Zion Utah, swimming… mental challenges and I even play the piano (unthinkable because of arthritis when I had Lyme disease 5 years ago).  So, if according to all these expert doctors, I still have Lyme disease and it is just “dormant” and I have lingering autoimmune issues, someone needs to tell my body!

I Don't Buy It and Lyme Disease

Doc, Can You Pen Cattle?

Haha!  My body just wants to keep going and enjoy this life and make it a life of significance.

So I for one, don’t buy it. I know many people who have recovered from awful cases of Lyme disease.  I hope you don’t buy it either.  You absolutely can recover from Lyme disease and all Lyme symptoms and you absolutely can life a wonderful, pain free, happy life.



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