Impossible? and Lyme Symptoms

Posted January 2, 2015.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to recover from Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms.  You can go into Remission, but you can NEVER recover…. or so that’s what they say.  Haha!  But I’m a rebel and I disagree.  I was completely bedridden with Lyme disease for a year and I have been off antibiotics and all herbs for almost 5 years now.  Some, including doctors, say I am only in Remission.

Are they right or are they are wrong?  First of all I have had no symptoms for 5 years and in fact, I feel better, stronger and do more now than I have ever done in my life, including when I was much younger.  I run races, wake board, snow ski, paddle board, surf, do intensive martial arts, 25+ mile bike rides through canyons, hike, yoga,fly, sail, swim in the cold Pacific, dive, in addition to travel, work, friends, family, fun.

But here’s the clincher:  I’m skiing in the Rocky Mountains right now and I got bitten by a strange bug.  My ear started swelling up as did my eye (I kept skiing the blacks though… haha!)  I started taking mega doses of Augmentin out of an abundance of caution (many strange bug diseases here like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) and what was my body’s reaction?

In the old days, when I had Lyme disease and all the lovely co-infections, my body would herx like crazy any time I took a new antibiotic or herb.  A thousand needles stabbing  my legs, etc.  You guys know what I’m talking about. The pain and agony was intense.

But now, on mega Augmentin?  Silence.  Absolute silence from my body.  Ladies and Gentlemen if there were anything lurking in my body, after 5 years of no antimicrobials, there should have been a reaction, of some sort.  Something.  Anything. Instead, nothing.

Now, of course there will still be the naysayers who say:  Oh that doesn’t mean you’re recovered.  But it’s simple cell biology my friends.  The Lyme disease spirochete is not magical, it can be eradicated , you just have to work very hard at it.

It’s up to you, you can believe those who say you can never fully recover from Lyme disease or you can give it all you got, BeRelentless and live better than you’ve ever lived before.  I hope you’ll join me and choose the latter.

And, now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go hit the slopes!!  It’s -18 F in Colorado right now.  No big deal (when I had Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms I had Raynaud’s syndrome, extremely cold hands and feet…. but no more!)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease

Lovely Rocky Mountain Bug Bite!

Cowabunga!!!!! Here I go!!!!


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