Irresistible Urge and Lyme Symptoms

Posted July 13, 2013.  It’s an irresistible urge.  If I come to a flight of stairs, I have to run up them.  It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing or where I’m going. I’ll often run up stairs in high heels on the way to a client meeting, or to a meeting in judge’s chambers.  I love the sudden jolt, the beautiful pounding of my heart, the high intensity which is so good for my body and my brain.  When at the top of the stairs I feel the oxygen rushing through my body, I am clear and fresh and ready to go into whatever meeting is awaiting me.  My brain is at it’s peak.

Run up stairs if you can and as often as you can! Dr. Burrascano says it’s the ones who exercise who stay recovered from Lyme disease.

Of course if you are still suffering from Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease, don’t do it yet.  But here’s what you can do:  Visualize yourself running up that flight of stairs.  Are you going to take two at a time or do one at a time at double speed?

For one year I had to sleep downstairs in my two story house.  Took a year before I could hobble up the stairs, gripping the banister with all that I had.

Run the stairs now, or know that you will later.  Feel the happy rush of oxygen when you reach the top, whether it is a real rush of oxygen or just in your mind.  Both are important.

Running stairs, it’s an irresistible urge that’s good to have!


Stairs and Lyme symptoms

Yes! to the Stairs!



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