Kauai, Hawaii Hiking and Lyme Disease

Posted August 22, 2013.  Life after Lyme disease, it does exist!  And you can go back to the fun things you once loved to do.  I’m on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  Among other things, paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, etc.,  I kayaked up the Huiala River and all the way up the Wailea River. Here I am just off the kayak starting a hike  through the jungle.  Not a very glamorous picture, but illustrates the point!  Hat, long sleeves (notice white rash guard shirt to spot any critters) and bug repellant/zinc oxide sunscreen slathered all over.  (I’m in board shorts because there is a lot of swimming involved, rope swings into the river, etc. ) Every day I wake up with tons of energy and feel great.  It is possible to recover from Lyme disease, don’t believe anyone who tells you anything different!  And it is possible to return to the life you loved, albeit with ample precautions!! Stay true to your treatment.  Fight hard, that’s what I did.  100% recovery.  Stay the course.

Hiking Lyme Disease

Still Hiking! Life After Lyme Disease!

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