Products I Use

People often ask me what products and supplements I used and still use. Here are a few of them:

I got the Roomba several months ago and it is amazing!  It could be a real help if you are still suffering with Lyme symptoms and cannot clean your floors.  When I empty the filter, a bunch of stuff comes out.  I know it’s expensive, but much cheaper than a housekeeping service!



I have started taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C every morning upon rising, i.e. on an empty stomach.  My doctor recommended this product.  Absorbed very quickly into your blood stream and the liposomes can penetrate into your cell membrane directly.  This is potentially more powerful than an IV vitamin C drip.  Goes into your system immediately.  Powerful for combating lyme and lyme symptoms.   The company says 5-6 packets is equivalent to 50 grams of a vitamin C drip.  And, important, it is NON GMO.


Here is the top juicer I recommend. It is expensive, I know, but you will get more juice out of your greens, and all the plant enzymes and phytonutrients will be preserved.


I am getting a lot of feedback that the Angel is too expensive so here is a much less expensive juicer.  I would much rather you buy the Angel, as that will preserve the plant enzymes and phytonutrients which are so desperately needed by your cells, much better.  But if you really can’t, then this one will do.  Just be sure to drink the juice right away after you juice it.  With the cheaper juicers there is a lot of oxidation that occurs quickly after the plant is juiced.  If you are really sick, as I was, bedridden and all, again I would encourage the Angel or similar model.  Big difference in the quality of the juice it will deliver. Either way, happy juicing!





I first learned about this at the LA Marathon. This is great for replacing electrolytes in endurance events, but also so good if you have diarrhea or are having trouble eating from lyme symptoms. Tastes good, no sugar, sweetened with Stevia which is a plant, nothing bad or artificial.

Coconut Oil:  Antibacterial and antiviral- the medium chain fatty acids are good for the brain and immune system.  And it promotes sustained energy. Keeps me running strong! I am a huge user of coconut oil. Here’s one I like.

Coconut Aminos! I use this Coconut Aminos Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce instead of soy sauce (I do no soy) It is 100% Organic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free,and Vegan Coconut Aminos is raw, very low glycemic, has an abundant source of 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin and has a nearly neutral pH. A comparison between coconut tree sap and soy, shows that coconut sap contains 2-14 times the amino acid content of soy. Small batches ensure that this organic, low glycemic Coconut Aminos, made from natural sap, is a raw enzymatically alive product aged and blended with sun dried, mineral-rich sea salt, hand gathered from pristine waters near the southern islands of the Philippine coast. Good stuff! Great for my Asian Cabbage Salad (recipe coming soon!)

I just discovered this chocolate in San Francisco. I love it! And no sugar!!

Spry Gum with Xylitol is good for your teeth!  When I feel like eating something sweet, I pop in a piece of spry gum.

A 1998 review in “British Dental Journal” reports that oral bacteria are unable to ferment xylitol, which significantly reduces their growth and metabolism. This, in combination with the increased salivary production associated with gum chewing, makes xylitol gum an effective anti-caries agent. This same antibacterial activity reduces plaque formation and lessens your risk for periodontal disease. Also good for ear infections.  So good for lyme sufferers as the xylitol helps keep the mouth clean and counteract some of the effects of the heavy antibiotic use.

Yogi Detox Tea.  I start every morning with a cup of this tea.  Sometimes I get the berry version.  You could add some fresh ginger root to the tea as well. Enjoy!

Another tea I drink daily is Brassica Tea. It has the natural antioxidant found in broccoli (SGS). If you’re not doing caffeine right now, you can get it naturally decaffeinated.

The long-lasting activity of SGS was discovered by scientists at Johns Hopkins University Medical School while studying the health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.


Here is the tea I drink to fall asleep.  Conks me out.  Try two tea bags if you’re really having trouble.  Chamomile is also anti-inflammatory, so you’re doing your poor body riddled with lyme symptoms a real favor drinking this tea!


Here is one of the probiotics I took when I was on antibiotics.  Never had a yeast infection or stomach trouble.