Lyme Symptoms: Lincoln’s Failures

Posted October 28, 2012

Something that gave me strength when I was fighting Lyme.

Persistence is Stronger than Failure
by The Wisdom of John Wooden
Abraham Lincoln is acknowledged as one of America’s greatest presidents. Here is a brief summary of his career:

Failed in business: 1831
Defeated for legislature: 1832
Failed in business again: 1833
Elected to legislature: 1834
Sweetheart died: 1835
Had nervous breakdown: 1836
Defeated for speaker: 1836
Defeated for elector: 1840
Defeated for congressional nomination: 1843
Elected to Congress: 1846
Defeated for Congress: 1848
Defeated for Senate: 1855
Defeated for Vice President: 1856
Defeated for Senate: 1859
Elected President of the U.S.: 1860

The model Mr. Lincoln gave us with his persistence is one we can remember in the face of our own setbacks. And what is most wondrous of all is that persistence is a quality that we ourselves control. You, and only you, can decide whether you will stay the course.

Excerpt from “Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court” by John Wooden with Steve Jamison

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