Mental Health, Junk Food and Lyme Disease

Posted August 24, 2013.  There is a recent article in Medscape entitled:

Early ‘Junk Food’ Exposure Risks

Kids’ Mental Health

Not much more to add to that.  Except, I believe junk food has the same affect on adults’ health.  Especially since it’s all laced with GMO’s.

Junk Food Lyme Disease

A “Treat” I’d Rather Skip!

If you are serious about recovering from Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease, the junk food has to be dropped post haste!  People write about “wanting a treat” and “you deserve it.”  What the h#ll?  When you eat junk food you do two things:  1. You give a treat to the lyme and other bacteria inside of you and 2.  You impair your mental health.

Sounds like a treat I’d like to skip!

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