No Antibiotics and Lyme Symptoms?

Posted July 16, 2014.  I’m up in the San Juan Islands right now, between Canada and the US.  It’s my 6th day of intense hiking, sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, swimming (rope swing into a lake!) and general round the clock fun.  5 years ago, I was bedridden with Lyme disease and couldn’t have even imagined this life I’m living.  My life is better now than it was before I had Lyme disease.   (I know for those of you who are still suffering, that is hard to believe, but it’s true!)

I get a lot of messages from people who either do not want to take antibiotics or think they cannot take antibiotics.  I respect that, but I would say that if at all possible:  Take antibiotics along with herbals or whatever else you are using.  The Lyme disease spirochete is VERY smart and chances are you have a host of co-infections as well, at least I did.  In my opinion, it is not the time to mess around and “try” different things.  When I first went to my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) he had me sign a form saying that I wanted to take antibiotics. I thought, “Why the heck would I not want to take antibiotics? I want to get rid of this crap!!”

I understand there are people for whom antibiotics really aren’t possible.  People can have allergies and simply not be able to tolerate them.  But, if at all possible, after consulting with a very experienced Lyme doctor, I hope you can add antibiotics to your regime.  I know there are very good doctors who use only herbs, but anecdotally I would say it’s good to add some antibiotics as well, to get to the point of 100% eradication.  You will herx from them and it will be rough, no question.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics for acne.  Remember that.

As far as the gut goes.  Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics!  I took mine at midnight every single night without fail. I would wake myself up, if I were lucky enough to be sleeping.  (Sleep was a luxury I didn’t much enjoy when I had Lyme disease and the awful Lyme symptoms.) I took a literal handful of probiotics each night, billions of organisms.  Oh, and did I mention I did it every single night without fail?!  

Consistency is critical.

If you can take antibiotics, I would really encourage you to.  No matter what, be aggressive, BeRentless and be cured!

Notice the hat and white shirt for hiking.  I’m out there enjoying life… but being careful! OK, there is an island calling me now, I’m off!

Antibiotics and Lyme Disease

Antibiotics and Lyme Disease



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