Mosquitos, Flies, Etc. and Lyme Disease

Posted January 24, 2015.  I never saw a tick.  Never had a bulls-eye rash.  The following is from Dr. Mercola’s website.  Just because you never saw a tick and never had any rash, does not necessarily mean you do not have Lyme disease.  Don’t rule out Lyme disease if you have Lyme symptoms.  Be sure to be tested by a reputable lab such as IGeneX in Palo Alto, California.

From Dr. Mercola:  We also are aware that in endemic areas in the US up to 22 percent of stinging flies and mosquitoes (2, 8, 9, and 10) are carriers of Bb and co-infections. In South East Germany and Eastern Europe 12 percent of mosquitoes have been shown to be infected. In addition, many spiders, flees, lice and other stinging insects carry spirochetes and co-infections. Making the history of a tick bite a condition for a physician to be willing to even consider the possibility of a Bb infection seems cynical and cruel.

Mosquitos and Lyme Disease

Mosquitos and Lyme Disease

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How To Not Get Lyme Disease!

Posted January 21, 2015.  How to not get Lyme disease or any other tick or insect borne illness again! As you are recovering and starting to think about life again in the outdoors, or even inside (I got a bug bite inside from a pile of firewood, in -20F temperatures) consider products with Permethrin in them. Just spray it on your clothes.

Permethrin and How Not to Get Lyme Disease

Permethrin and How Not to Get Lyme Disease

Below is a very informative article from the Lyme Times.  Check their website for more great information about Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease.  As for me, I’ll be using more Permethrin as I enjoy the great outdoors in my recovery.  Stay healthy and keep the bugs away!!

Beginners’ Pages The Lyme Times from Summer 2000  (

Permethrin tick-killers provide superior protection

Reprinted from, “Your Best Source For Learning About And Protecting Yourself from Ticks.”


The Department of Defense (DoD) utilizes a system of two chemical components in conjunction with the field dress uniform. The EPA approved components of this system include the insecticide permethrin and the insect repellent deet (N, N- diethyl-m-tiluarnide) in concentrations less than 33%.

Permethrin is virtually nontoxic to humans and no systemic effects have been reported. In EPA and FDA tests, it was uncommon to have any skin reddening, rash or other irritation. When used as a repellent, permethrin isappliedtoexteriorclothingwhereit dries and bonds to the cloth fiber. This water-based formula is nonstaining, odorless and has exceptional resistance to degradation by sunlight (UV), heat and water.

Although permethrin is approved for skin application under certain circumstances such as head lice formulas, it is not applied to skin as a repellent. Permethrin does not bond to skin (stick) and is quickly deactivated by skin’s esterase action into inactive compounds. Because of these attributes permethrin offers no repellent benefit on skin. It is only effective when used as a clothing treatment. Deactivationof permethrin on skin occurs in approximately 20minutes. When placed on clothing it will last 3 weeks and will even last through weekly launderings.

With the long history of success permethrin has achieved, it is best not to second guess these extraordinary results. By following the directions provided on the product you can be assured of results that achieve protection at or near 100%. Any variation of instructions that placed less permethrin on clothing will result in diminished performance.

Permethrin Mosquito Tests

The early history of permethrin development involved tests on mosquitoes conducted by the US Army and Air Force. Tests showed that when lightweight uniforms were treated until moist (approximately 3 ounces) the permethrin alone (0. 5% solution) gave 97.7% protection from mosquitoes and 99.9% protection when used in combination with deet (33% solution). Two detergent washingsdidnotdiminishmosquito repellent and killing action of permethrin-treated uniforms.

An interesting side note: The effectiveness of permethrin can be shown in the following report highlight that was reported in a very matter of fact statement. During testing in the Everglades, “Mosquitoes were also repelled because of the side-stream effect caused by numerous treated uniforms within the same general location. This required that the test site be moved to locate more mosquitoes!”

Permethrin Tick Tests

Test on ticks conducted in Massachusetts concluded that 100% protection was provided against the Deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) which is the primary vector of Lyme disease in the Midwest and Northeast. The same outstanding results occurred when testing the Western Black Legged tick, Lone Star tick, American Dog tick and Brown Dog tick. Similar results have been found with other tick species throughout the United States and Europe. Two detergent washings did not diminish repellent killing action of permethrin-treated uniforms. In tests, ticks that crossed only 10 inches of treated fabric fell from the uniform, later dying due to this limited exposure.



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How to Recover From Lyme Disease #1

Posted January 20, 2015.  People with Lyme disease ask me:  How to recover from Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms?  I’ll keep posting and make the posts really simple.  How to Recover from Lyme disease #1:  Don’t eat sugar!  Sugar feeds the bacteria and spirochetes inside your body.  I know it’s tough, but go cold turkey.  That’s what I did.  Simple.  Cut the sugar.  Starve them to death. Start right now!  Doesn’t cost anything.  In fact, cutting sugar will save you money.

How To Recover From Lyme Disease

How To Recover From Lyme Disease #1 Cut Sugar.

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Apples and Lyme Symptoms

Posted January 19, 2015.

My grandfather, a cardiothoracic surgeon, used to eat an apple a day.  I would say to him, “Grandfather, isn’t that bad for business?”  Remember the old saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”  Apples are high in quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that is thought to protect brain cells. My grandfather was sharp as a tack until the day he died. Apples are also high in potassium, a mineral that helps control blood pressure, and as a result helps reduce the risk of stroke.  If you have POTS associated with Lyme disease, anything that’s good for the heart is good for you!  (I had POTS when I had Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease.) Apples also help reduce cholesterol, asthma and it is thought that a flavonoid called phloridzin, found only in apples, may protect women from osteoporosis and increase bone density. Boron, another ingredient in apples, also will strengthen your bones. Not to mention the vitamin C content and fiber in apple skins.  Apples are a go to fast food for me!  (Be sure you choose organic though) Who says you can’t eat well on the run!  BeRelentless!  100% Recovery.

Apples and Lyme Symptoms

Apples and Lyme Symptoms

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Las Vegas and Lyme Symptoms

Posted January 18, 2015.  Here is a picture I took as I drove through the desert this morning from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  I left at 5 AM as my meetings here in Vegas started at 9.  I had to stop to catch this sunrise greeting.  It was a beautiful, lonely drive, miles through the open desert of California and Nevada.  And then always so unexpected to come upon the bustling energy of Las Vegas after passing by roadrunners, sleepy coyote and quiet cacti for miles.

My meetings are over now and of course, as per tradition in Vegas, right (?), time to go out and hit the strip.  First a big dinner I’m to attend and then out in all the craziness.  For some reason this trip I have so many memories of the time I came here on a final Lyme disease test.  I was still loaded with antibiotics back then, in fact I was taking 5 different ones at the time, in addition to herbs. I was here with one of my best friends who is a doctor.  He kept saying, “This is too nutty you taking all those pills, you know they are going to kill you.”  (Needless to say he isn’t a Lyme doctor and has no idea what hoops you have to jump through to kill lyme.)

I just laughed and kept popping the pills.  I knew the day was coming near when I wouldn’t be taking all those pills anymore and I really had to put myself to the test.  Could I handle Las Vegas?  The lights and all the craziness?  (Lyme disease patients are notorious for light sensitivity.) We stayed out almost all night for a few nights, had tons of fun, went to the David Copperfield show and my friend even got “disappeared” by David Copperfield’s magic. (He later reappeared!)

As each moment passed I was more thrilled, because nothing bothered me.  All the lights, crowds, noise, everything, were OK.  In fact, it was wonderful to be part of it, having been housebound and in pain for so long.


Las Vegas and Lyme Disease

Las Vegas and Lyme Disease

That was almost 5 years ago.  I passed the Las Vegas test then, and shortly thereafter my LLMD had me stop all medication. I’m glad to have good memories of healing from Lyme disease, to have experienced a beautiful sunrise over the desert this morning and to be here, in funny Las Vegas again.




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