Pharmaceuticals and Lyme Symptoms

Posted June 18, 2013.  There is a really good article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, entitled A Nation of Kids on Speed.  (Now what does this have to do with Lyme disease you ask…. hang on, I’ll explain.)  In the article the author shows how year by year there has been a dramatic increase in the number of kids put on speed, chiefly among them, Adderall and Ritalin.  And not surprisingly this has been followed by a dramatic increase in the number of diagnoses of ADHD among children.

The American Psychiatric Association has lowered the criteria for the diagnosis and as a result put more kids on drugs.

A generation of drugged up kids.  Sad in my mind.

(By the way, this of course is not to say that if someone has a real psychiatric illness they shouldn’t receive medication.  The issue is only how overprescribed these medications are.  I believe they are harming the very people they are claiming to help. And I believe the overuse is detrimental to society as a whole.)

OK back to Lyme disease.  Many Lyme disease patients are taking various pharmaceutical drugs.

The people who I know, myself included, who have recovered from Lyme disease and all Lyme symptoms, have done it with either no psychotropics or very minimal drugs.  Of course you need antibiotics, those are good drugs when you are shooting for 100% recovery from Lyme disease and any co-infections you might have.  Antibiotics are very different from psychotropic medications or antidepressants.

What is important is to be very careful about the medications you take, and I mean specifically drugs like those mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article.  I have so many friends who medicate their boys.  Ugh.  Albert Einstein would have qualified for Ritalin or Adderall.  Thank goodness no modern pharmaceutical company ever got ahold of his mother!

Lessen the load on your body and your immune system, and your liver!  Only take those medications which are absolutely necessary to your recovery, which is already going to be a lot.  Stick to the antibiotics, herbs and supplements like vitamins and minerals to support your body.  Of course you are depressed because you have Lyme disease.  But as you recover that depression will lift.  Yes, I know you have brain fog and cognitive issues right now.  But that will pass.  Give yourself every opportunity to heal.

Wishing you, 100% Recovery.

Drugs and Lyme Disease

Drugs and Lyme Disease

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