Prebiotics and Lyme Symptoms

prebiotics lyme symptoms

Prebiotics for Probiotics!

Posted January 3, 2102.  So you’ve asked…..what is the difference between Prebiotics and Probiotics?  I’ve talked about probiotics, they are the friendly flora that help you weather all the anti-microbials you are taking to defeat Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms.  So what are prebiotics?  Well, basically, they are the food for the probiotics!

The friendly bacteria in your gut has got to eat.  Prebiotics are a form of fiber that pass undigested into your intestines, where your friendly bacteria can eat them. This helps the probiotic colonies in your intestinal system to thrive and multiply, ensuring that they deliver maximum benefits to you, their host. If you’re following a good diet, you already are eating a lot of prebiotics.  And if you are serious about kicking Lyme disease and all Lyme symptoms, you’re following a good diet!  Prebiotics are food in many nutritious foods.  High fiber foods are good as are greens and fresh produce.  The Mayo Clinic says that artichokes, bananas, berries, garlic, leeks and onions are all good prebiotics.  Some other foods may have prebiotics added.  Check labels, but opt for the non-processed, fresh stuff!  Feed those friendly guys inside of you and beat Lyme and Lyme symptoms!  Eat well and be well!

(P.S.  All my articles have two LLMD’s stamp of approval.)


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