Quick Lunch, Zucchini! and Lyme Symptoms

Posted June 28, 2013.  If you want to recover 100% from Lyme disease and all Lyme symptoms, you’ve got to eat well!  Here’s an example of something really good, that’s super easy to make and will help you in your 100% recovery quest.  (And if you’re already recovered and looking for new athletic challenges, these “pancakes” will help fuel your endeavors!)


Zucchini Pancakes

zucchini pancakes and lyme disease

Zucchini Pancakes, Recovery Food!

1 free range organic egg

1 green onion chopped, (or sometimes I use red onion, about a Tbsp)

1 medium zucchini grated

Celtic Sea Salt (don’t use regular table salt, it’s very toxic!) and Pepper to taste

1 Tbsp coconut oil

Mix all ingredients and then drop onto a pan preheated with coconut oil.  Yum!  Kind of like hash browns but way better!  They don’t turn into sugar in your body like potatoes do and the egg will give you nutrients, protein and sustained energy.  Had them as a quick lunch today.   Enjoy and be well!!

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