Reborn and Lyme Disease

Posted April 19, 2014.  When I had Lyme disease and co-infections, each day I felt like I was dying.  Now each day I feel like I’m reborn.

I’m getting closer to my 4 year anniversary of no antibiotics, no herbals, no other medications and more importantly no Lyme disease symptoms! In fact the longer time passes the more athletic I become.  I took it pretty slowly in the beginning but here’s an example of what I’ve been doing this week:   Every morning early run with my 1 1/2 year old white lab (had to have a white dog, better to see any ticks that way) then a 5 or so mile hike with friends, and each day I’ve been doing a martial arts class.  I run now so I can keep up with the high intensity in martial arts (not for the faint of heart, they train law enforcement at my gym!)  You can recover from Lyme disease and feel like  you’re reborn.  I know you feel like dying now, but hang in there!!  Off to make a green juice ….

Lyme Disease Recovery

Lyme Disease Recovery

100% Recovery BeRelentless!

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