Robot Fights Lyme Disease

Posted July 26, 2013.  Thank goodness for smart people with good ideas! An interesting twist on the war on Lyme disease.   The guys at Virginia Military Institute have come up with a robot that mimics a host in the wild and thereby attracts ticks and subsequently kills them.  Here’s how it works:  a small amount of carbon dioxide is released which triggers the host seeking instinct of the tick.  The carbon dioxide in combination with the movement of the robot attracts the tick.  The tick jumps onto a cloth saturated with pesticide which the robot is dragging behind it and voila!  Many ticks are killed.  It isn’t the be all end all to the Lyme disease problem or tick born disease problem, but any time tick populations are reduced, it’s a good thing.  Guess it beats shooting deer.  Haha!

Anyway, hats off to the professors at the Virginia Military Institute.  Keep up the good work guys!

See the full story on ABC news.

Robot and Lyme disease

Robot vs. Lyme disease

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