Rooibos Tea and Lyme Symptoms

Posted November 21, 2013.  I first discovered rooibos tea at a race in San Luis Obispo, California.  It was a 10 K, but very hilly and very technical.   We had to run, climbing at times, straight up the mountain.  I was neck and neck with a Cal Poly University kid on way the down, who was wearing slippers of all things!  I vowed to beat “Slipper Man!”  It didn’t matter that he was a guy and with the advantage of being younger.  So I beat him.  I mean how could I let a guy wearing slippers pass me by?!  As I crossed the finish line I yelled back to him that I just couldn’t let a guy wearing slippers beat me.  He laughed!  When we ended the race, there were all sorts of vendors and activities in the park.  I discovered one woman who had a wellness kitchen and comprehensive program for cancer patients.  She was pouring large cups of rooibos tea and explaining its anti-cancer properties.  I enjoyed a big cup and then asked her more about it.

Turns out, not only is rooibos helpful to cancer patients, but it also helps quell inflammation, which so key for the Lyme disease patient.  Rooibos is especially rich in the super-antioxidant compound quercetin. A titan among the antioxidants, quercetin helps the heart, helps to reduce the risk of various types of cancers and fights pathogens.   And for our purposes with Lyme disease,  it is significantly anti-inflammatory. Anything you can do to minimize inflammation will go a long way in your fight against Lyme disease and will help  your overall comfort level.

Rooibos doesn’t have caffeine either, which is also key for the Lyme disease patient.  It is so important not to stress your heart while your body is trying valiantly to fight the Lyme spirochetes (and any other co-infection you might have).

Enjoying a cup of rooibos tea!  Won’t you join me?!

Rooibos and Lyme Symptoms

Rooibos and Lyme Symptoms

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