Rowing and Lyme Symptoms

Posted May 27, 2013.  Here is the view from the front of my kayak in Yosemite National Park.  So grateful to be healthy and free of Lyme disease.  Strong arms row me across the lake, arms which used to fall asleep and to whom I would have to yell, “wake up!”  Arms which used to flail around in spasms and twitches.  Now they are muscular and powerfully row me quickly across the lake, down to the crisp clean water falls.

If you’re still suffering with Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease, keep going.  Don’t give up.  I was a train wreck with Lyme disease and all the attendant Lyme symptoms and co-infections, but those days are so far in the past.  Today I rowed across the lake…  fast…  One day you will be athletic and strong, even if you never were before.  Believe it!  100% Recovery BeRelentless!

Yosemite Lyme Disease

Keep Rowing Towards Recovery!

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