Running and Lyme Symptoms

Posted November 29, 2012.  Interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal re. the possible adverse effects of too much running (One Running Shoe in the Grave by Kevin Helliker).   There was a study done by the British Journal Heart which showed diminishing returns of ultra athletes.  There were extreme runners who disagreed with the findings.  But the diminishing returns argument makes sense to me.  Many people ask me about running and I talk to many people who are still dealing with lyme symptoms yet they are putting in significant miles.   There can be adverse effects to the heart with too much running, and a general wearing out of the body because of excessive oxidative stress.  Now I’m only talking about the ultra runners.  Running around 20-25 miles a week (which for some may seem excessive, ha ha) is still very beneficial.  Once you go beyond that though,  you can start encouraging some problems.


Running lyme symptoms

Take it easy while you’re recovering from lyme and lyme symptoms!

If you are still struggling with lyme or lyme symptoms or other serious illness, take it easy!  When I first was able to get off the couch I walked one time around my house.  Then it was a big deal for me to do two minutes on the elliptical.  I never pushed my body.  I always took Dr. Burrasscano’s admonition seriously to exercise day on day off, to allow the immune system to recover.  Even now, though I’m fully recovered, I’m careful not to overdo it.  As with anything, balance is important.  Find what feels good for your body and be very patient and gentle with yourself.  If you feel like a 5 minute swim in the pool is all you can handle now because you’ve still got lyme or lyme symptoms, then celebrate that!  Exercise is super important.  Some LLMD’s say that the ones who maintain their recovery are those who exercise. But the best rule of thumb is not to overdo it! To your good health!

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