Running, Depression and Lyme Symptoms

Running, Lyme symptoms and Depression

Running, Lyme symptoms and Depression

Posted December 23, 2012.  From Runners World:


Running may be just as effective—and in some instances better—than SSRI drugs in treating depression. These antidepressant meds work by keeping neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepineprhine in the synapses longer, improving mood and outlook. Turns out, aerobic exercise does the same thing. In studies, patients who were successfully treated with SSRIs relapsed sooner than those who stayed physically active.

If you aren’t suffering horribly from Lyme and Lyme symptoms, work some exercise into your day. If you’re still really struggling, take it easy and work exercise in later, as you can.  100% Recovery!  BeRelentless!

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