Survey and Lyme Disease and Lyme Symptoms

Posted February 19, 2013.  You will find on information about a survey that was conducted in 2011 and how to participate in a new survey they are doing on Lyme disease.  They are looking at the costs of Lyme disease to the patient and to society as a whole.  When you consider how much it costs to deal with Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms, think of by how much the costs could be reduced and your healing time speeded up, if you changed your diet.  I have talked to no Lyme disease patients who eat junk food and are recovered.  Factor that into your cost analysis. You are more likely to be on disability, take longer to recover and be a chronic Lyme disease patient if you are eating and drinking junk.

Junk food Lyme symptoms Lyme disease

Junk food leaves you with chronic Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms

From  Our last survey of over 4,000 patients revealed that 65% have had to cut back or quit work or school and 25% have been on disability. We believe this is the largest survey of Lyme patients ever conducted in the United States. The survey was published in a major peer-reviewed journal, Health Policy. (Johnson, L., A. Aylward, Stricker, R. (2011). “Healthcare access and burden of care for patients with Lyme disease: a large United States survey.” Health Policy 102(1): 64-71.)

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