The Truth About Antibiotics, Your Immune System and Lyme Disease

Posted April 20, 2013.  You will often hear that antibiotics wipe out your immune system and to avoid them at all costs.  Well, this is partially true.  There is an incredible overuse of antibiotics in the US.  People go to the doctor with a stuffy nose and say, “Doc, I need antibiotics.”  The doctor is so overwhelmed with patients and quotas from insurances companies, just in order to pay the office overhead, i.e. nurses, etc, that the doctor will often say, “OK.”  The antibiotic gets prescribed.

Obviously this is not good.  If the patient has a viral infection or a mild bacterial infection which would otherwise resolve on its own, then taking antibiotics is indeed harmful to the immune system and creates stronger bugs out in the environment.  (The bacteria get used to certain types of antibiotics and create resistance towards them.  Don’t forget, bacteria are smart!!)

And the patient who has taken the antibiotics is left with a gut devoid of helpful bacteria.   This is extremely detrimental to the immune system.  Something like 80% of our immune system resides in our gut (intestines).  So what is a person with Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease to do?

When I was sick with Lyme disease, at some points I was taking up to 5 different antibiotics a day!!  Talk about your gut getting wiped out of all the friendly flora (bacteria which is helpful to the body)!!  People used to say to me, you will never recover from all those antibiotics you are taking.  Some doctor friends told me that my LLMD docs (Lyme Literate Medical Doctors) were quacks.  Here was my reply:  “Thank goodness for Alexander Flemming!  He discovered penicillin, and after that discovery other antibiotics were created.  Now is the time I need them.  Lyme disease is hard core.  If it weren’t for him, I would be dead!”

By the way, not to say that Lyme disease cannot be cured using only herbs.  I am only sharing my experience and my personal belief that I needed both antibiotics and herbs to achieve 100% recovery from Lyme disease, Lyme symptoms and all the co-infections I had.

So, after all those months and months of antibiotics, herbs and anti-parasitic medications, why is my immune system now humming right along?  Why did I never develop thrush or yeast as a result of the massive antibiotic doses I was taking?  Why do I not have lingering digestive health issues?

Here is the secret:  Probiotics.

Probiotics Lyme disease Lyme symptoms

Probiotics Lyme disease Lyme symptoms

I was replacing the friendly flora as fast as I was killing them.  During the day I would let the antibiotics do their job; running throughout  my body killing whatever invaders they could.  But then starting at midnight, I would dump massive doses of probiotics into my system.  So from 12 AM until 6 AM, I had an unbothered source of friendly flora working like crazy in my gut.  While I slept, the probiotics worked on replenishing and repairing.  Now at 6 AM I would start all over again with e.g. 600 mg. of Rifampin to start, and then other drugs during the day.  But, because I was impeccably consistent about my probiotics, and because I waited 4 hours after my last antibiotic dose (last antibiotic dose was at 8 PM, probitiocs came in at 12AM), my immune system remained in tact.  (Doctors say you can take probiotics 2 hours after antibiotics, I didn’t believe it, I waited 4 hours.)

Probiotics are one of the keys to surviving the intense treatment for Lyme symptoms and Lyme disease.    You will have a lot of problems if you are not diligent about your probiotics.  And you have to take billions of organisms.  I kept adding and changing them.

Take some probiotics tonight!!  There is one I like on my “Products I Use” page:  Or you can get them at the health food store.  Just be sure they are refrigerated.

100% Recovery  BeRelentless!


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