Vaccine and Lyme Disease

Posted November 19, 2013.   A new Lyme disease vaccine is coming down the pike.

A marketing campaign for the vaccine is already unfolding.The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has gone from saying there are 30, 000 new cases of Lyme disease a year to saying now that there are upwards of 300,000 cases of Lyme disease a year.

The New York Times editorial board promoted the upcoming vaccine in a recent editorial. The article referred to an Op-Ed piece by a Dr. Stanley Plotkin.  Plotkin had said that he had been trying to “persuade manufacturers to make a new vaccine to help prevent some of the 300,000 new infections each year.” He urged patients and physicians to write to the CDC and remind them of the need for a new Lyme vaccine, which would likely be recommended for a large part of the population of the United States. The editorial board concluded by saying, “It’s time to start writing those letters.”

What do you think?  Would a Lyme disease vaccine be a good thing? Why is the CDC behind it now?

lyme disease vaccine

lyme disease vaccine ?

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